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2009-03-11 09:04:16 by thatoneguy55

That is a real short stop motion... i just froze it for the avatar, but the dude on the right pounds on the screen... so yea for people that dont know what a stop-motion is.... it is a series of pictures (taken or drawn) that are put together to make like things are moving... like the stick figures.

So no one here knows i am a photographer, and I have been messing around with stop-motion... so yea I made a deviant art and i will be posting some of my photos their... and a youtube for future stop motions. I of course will post all pictures and stop-motions in a post here... for those that want to view them (I cant remember if the rules say dont post links to other sites so yea I will just post the actual content)

Hey whats up!?

2009-03-05 21:18:56 by thatoneguy55

I am excited! Reports are dont and everything! So yea! TALK TO ME LOL im bored but excited, ill play some games