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New Account

2009-04-30 22:47:23 by thatoneguy55

I made a new account for my new music because im getting PM spam for idk why... check out my new account... MindlessFoul

Working on a new one

2009-04-30 22:39:05 by thatoneguy55

Its a very soft slow sound that is pretty good, because of the quality and all it is taking a while so It wont be on for a day or so more... Im working on it hours at a time though so it SHOULD be on in at least 48 hours from now.

In other news Im going to the mall tomorrow and i got drivers ed and my friends birthday... so It will actually wont be up till sunday...

Im back

2009-04-29 20:59:26 by thatoneguy55

So im making new songs again just not as often... so far my newest song SpazitOuT is failing epicly but i will try again...


2009-04-18 09:44:51 by thatoneguy55

So i have been working on songs a while and I have published 4 of them but they just arnt good. So i am retiring...

two great things

2009-04-17 08:26:15 by thatoneguy55

Today i have a snowday so I get to work on getting better at making songs! also i finished my techno and it turned out great! If you want to here my friends music... he is awesome at techno... than I will post a link in blogs from now on(for the most part) of his newest songs.

So imma work on some techno, my bud is sending me some files i can use so i can get better sounds out of the speedy techno... so ill have a techno up in at least a few days.

Finished my third song

2009-04-16 18:06:27 by thatoneguy55

It is a great song i think... way better then my 2 others, but the converter isnt working right and is only converting half the song o.0... so the upload will be all messed up so i am working on it ^^

One More Day

2009-03-19 22:52:22 by thatoneguy55

One more day of school and I have spring break!

Just got home

2009-03-14 21:32:04 by thatoneguy55

Hey just got home after 2 days of snowboarding, and yes I do have a sunburn... but oh well.

1) Doing Chores at the last min.
So whos with me... doing chores like 5 min before your parents get home... but you have 4 hours to do them... that is me every day...

2) State Testing
So yea who hates state testing? I took 5 hours of tests yesterday, today and tomorrow. They close the vending machine during the breaks so we have to pay the over priced cafe prices... so stupid. Anyways I dont have anything else to say on either matter... so bye.